TSJR’s Take (editorial)

Music — The Universal Language of Healing

There is but one universal language that’s understood and actually held to be practically sacred: Music. Be it jazz, rock, country, r&b, Latin, new age, pop, World, and anything in between, music is a blessing and a gift that keeps on giving. As evidence of its power, even those stricken with such memory robbers as Alzheimer’s can recall a catchy melody or refrain without effort, even when they can’t remember such things as an address, a phone number, a name.

What is it about music that is so complete and all-encompassing? It soothes, it uplifts, it “speaks” to the soul, it moves one to tears, it literally pulls you out onto a dance floor and can just as easily soothe you into a heavenly state of rest and bliss. It is the pied piper of smiles. What is this wonderful intangible, this unseen yet deeply felt entity? Is it an inexplicable spiritual gift? Is it something that’s simply an inherent part of who we are and have always been?

I read an article in Virtues For Life (virtues for life.com) that dealt with the healing power of music. In part, it reads:

“Studies have shown music therapy beneficial in the treatment of autism, learning disabilities, dementia, and pain management during labor and birth.”

Regarding music’s impact on the soul, the article goes on to state that “When we listen to music we love, that certain melody resonates deep in our soul and can provide a space in time where all problems disappear. Music, the right music to our liking, has a way of touching our souls in a deep and subtle way. And the people who breathe life into their instruments and lyrics lift our spirits. Music can bring us back to life from a depressed state. We can be resuscitated by a single inspirational melody.” Spot on!

In cases where spoken language is a bit of a barrier, music serves as the ambassador of universal commonalities and transcends those barriers, creating a dialogue where none would exist otherwise.

There is truly something mystical, penetrating, caressing, and spiritual about this magical potion of sound. It elicits responses of undying and intense love for it when people cannot even convey such an emotion to another person!

We wear music like a second skin,. It’s a suit that always fits. We are right to celebrate it as has been done throughout the ages of man.

Whenever the pressures of life become almost too heavy to bear, sit back and take a large dose of music — as many times a day as needed. — Ronald Jackson