TSJR’s Take (editorial)

A Musical Call to Action

We are finding that, in this age of so many distractions and bright, shiny, moving objects in our field of vision and hearing, it has not only become the norm but a very accepted norm to miss important news, announcements or events as the competition for one’s attention has become so great. That has taken its toll on both striving, up-and-coming and our beloved veteran Smooth Jazz artists. It becomes more than obvious and necessary that marketing strategies must be refined to include all avenues for exposure.

We once had the ironclad support of radio. Now that the support has all but evaporated, artists have turned to live performances and, often, internet media to get the word out about their projects and concerts. The purpose of this article is to direct the attention of many publicists and promoters and managers as well as artists themselves who have not yet aggressively availed themselves of the free services of such organizations as The Smooth Jazz Ride and so many other free online publications that have adopted as their mission the promotion of artists and the preservation of the contemporary jazz sub-genre. I am sure that I speak for those organizations when I implore agents and artists alike to use these services in their marketing and promotion strategies. Reprint reviews, post and share them on your FB and Twitter pages and feed, work this angle to your advantage. For the most part, it costs nothing but the price of mailing the CD or the effort to email the digital files to an online media source. The rest is up to the media source. Easy as it gets. In other words, industry people, help us help you! We certainly need one another now that radio has totally shunned the genre and deprived the listening public of the music it so loves.

So, let this be a friendly call to assertive action to all of us who strive to please jazz fans of this great music. Use every means in your arsenal to shout from the rooftops that the music is here to stay. View every media outlet that supports you as your ally and embrace them all. The music’s survival is not only up to your creativity but your commitment to utilizing every possible marketing/promotion strategy available. Fans want to know what you’re doing and when. In fact, they need that. — Ronald Jackson