Jeff Lorber Fusion — Impact

September 3, 2018

Sept. 3, 2018

Now into his 41st year of banging out hit jazz record after hit jazz record, master keyboardist/producer/composer Jeff Lorber nails another great one with the Jeff Lorber Fusion’s Impact album — a year after grabbing his first Grammy win for the group’s remarkable work on its previous album Prototype.

Still doing it majestically with sidekick/key collaborator Yellowjackets founding member bassist Jimmy Haslip, saxman Andy Snitzer, and drummer Gary Novak, Lorber tosses in the fanciful guitar work of Paul Jackson Jr. and Adam Hawley, horn arranger and performer Dave Mann, and others to spice up a recipe that’s always kickin’ anyway. This is jazz fusion the way it was always meant to be. Read More

Jeff Lorber Fusion – Prototype

March 13, 2017

Mar. 13, 2017

A quote from keyboardist/producer/composer/fusion legend Jeff Lorber regarding his latest Jeff Lorber Fusion release, Prototype: “I came up with the name Prototype because we are always trying to up our game and come up with new exciting music that could be a prototype or innovative harbinger for the future of our musical style.” In addition to this saying it all, his press sheet points out all too accurately that this new release is an example of Lorber’s “irresistible finger-poppin’ grooves and intricate rhythmic sense.” The full-bodied, sophisticated, groove-laden project is another work of art from one who always relishes the appeal of the new “polish” of creativity with each work. This is jazz with substance and shine – the stuff jazz neophytes live to learn how to naturally produce. Read More

Jeff Lorber Fusion – Step It Up

September 1, 2015

Sept. 1, 2015

The fiery, smoky groove of fusion as concocted by Jeff Lorber Fusion (JLF) is once again unleashed on receptive ears as it pushes out its latJLHest project Step It Up (which appears to be exactly what it has done), due to be released on September 25.

Along with keys guru/producer Lorber and bassist/co-producer, a couple of members of The Yellowjackets join their former bandmate Haslip (saxman Bob Mintzer and guitarist Robben Ford), along with drummers Vinnie Colaiuta, Ash Sloan, and Gary Novak; saxman Gary Meek; guitarists Paul Jackson Jr.; and renowned percussionist Lenny Castro help keep the fire burning here. David Mann is also present, contributing his amazing horn arrangements. Read More

Jeff Lorber Fusion – Hacienda

August 8, 2013

Aug. 7, 2013

Fusion fans, here we go! Jeff Lorber Fusion is back kicking some serious butt with their upcoming release Hacienda, due out on Aug. 27. Jeff Lorber Hacienda CDPacked with an outrageous energy level and highly appealing melodies and runs, this band again delivers. With Lorber on keys and, of course, production,  Jimmy Haslip co-producing and giving the bass hell, and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta serving up solid rhythms and clever timing, you are immediately drawn into just how good fusion should be played and defined.   Other guests include Eric Marienthal, Larry Koonse, Paul Jackson Jr., Dave Weckl, Lenny Castro, and David Mann.

The lead track, ”Corinaldo,” and the track immediately following that titled “Solar Wind” (with Koonse) set up this album — and you — for one crazy-good, rousing listening adventure. Read More

Jeff Lorber Fusion — Galaxy

January 5, 2012

Jan. 5, 2012

After a delightfully thunderous revival of his early fusion years with the release of Now Is The Time, keyboardist extraordinaire Jeff Lorber returns with Jeff Lorber Fusion and its newest release, Galaxy, due for release on Jan. 31. Seeing this as “a part two” of what he restarted in 2010, Lorber says Galaxy “features the same rhythm section, but it’s even more into the jazz fusion direction. It’s more energetic and the performances are tighter.”

Joining him again is Yellowjackets bassist–and co-producer of this work–Jimmy Haslip, as well as a firestarter crew of luminaries such as Eric Marienthal (sax), Vinnie Colauita (drums), Lenny Castro (percussion), Dave Weckl (drums), Paul Jackson, Jr. (guitar), Larry Koonse (guitar), and Randy Brecker (trumpet).  This winning coalition revisits some of Lorber’s early fusion achievements like “City,” “The Samba,” “Wizard Island,” and “The Underground,” adding a slice of modern flavor to each. Read More

Jeff Lorber Fusion — Now Is the Time

June 23, 2010

May 19, 2010

 Now here’s a very cool idea. Feature a bunch of your own earlier releases on a single CD with new twists and chops. In the case of Now Is The Time, the new offering from Jeff LJeff Lorber Fusionorber Fusion, the result is so powerfully reminiscent and gloriously fresh at the same time that its electricity and appeal are simply undeniable.
Lorber couldn’t have titled this project better, considering that there is a loud and collective voice in the smooth jazz world calling for more innovation like that seen and heard back in the earlier days of contemporary and fusion jazz.  Think back to early, early Lorber, to the early days of Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, etc., etc.  That’s the time so many long for now, and Lorber’s resounding reply is Now Is The Time.  Let’s go there…again!

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