Doug Jones — Crossing Lines

October 18, 2018

Oct. 18, 2018

Crossing Lines is the latest in the line of very fine recordings from saxophonist Doug Jones who simply continues to satisfy with his smooth and delectable blend of c-jazz grooves, led by his clear and passionate sax work.

This time around, the saxman offers an 8-track production where the average track time is about 5:00, providing you the listener with almost 40 minutes of deliciousness. Each track here is moving, soulful, full-bodied, and quite well-produced, starting with his cool and light “Watching the Sunshine” and continuing through with solid tunes like “1979,” “Cool J,” the strong and catchy title track that hosts a mean blues signature in with the mid-tempo cadence, “Zen Garden” (the title of this one just may be a bit deceiving as this has all the “fingerprints” of a good ol’ feel-good dance number), “Season Change,” a rather laid-back, slow & somber piece, “One Flight South,” and the closer “Hand Clappin’” which has that big band jive music feel to it — a “happy” tune. Read More

Doug Jones — Secrets

July 23, 2016

July 23, 2016

Saxman Doug Jones has again come along with yet another hot & saucy project that keeps the fires of groove jazz ablaze. This one, Secrets, again has something for everyone. There’s the sweet and cool sway of smooth jazz sax serenades, there’s a healthy dose of funk, a touch of island bliss, and an all-around good vibe throughout.Doug Jones

This party gets started with a bright mid-tempo swaying track appropriately titled “Sunshine.” It does well as the mood-setter for this album. Jones then kicks it into the funk gear with the next track “Forgiveness,” a sassy number that lets you know this is gonna be a worthwhile journey into Jones’ vivid world of crisp, well-nurtured sound. Read More

Doug Jones – Top Down

August 29, 2013

Aug. 29, 2013

Saxman Doug Jones rolls out his latest release, Top Down, with the confidence of one who’s been around for a bit. That’s because he has. Proudly touting a 16-year career in smooth/contemporary jazz, Jones shows here that he’s got his finger firmly planted on the pDoug Jonesulse of the genre with his presentation of snappy beats and romantic melodies.

Jones gets his party started right away with his lead track, “Suspense,” as he cranks out the up-tempo groove with sharp precision and bounce.

Following that track, he settles into a mid-tempo moment with “Almost Summer,” a track with a deliciously lazy cadence similar to the classic “Groovin’” made famous by The Young Rascals (how many of you remember that group?). Read More