Paul Hardcastle – Hardcastle 8

Oct. 18, 2018

As the first line of the inside cover says: So, here we have Hardcastle 8. Maybe that’s all that needs to be said. Hardcastle fans know the drill. You listen, the familiar, gripping groove washes over you – whether you’re just chillin’ at home, riding along the highway or coastline, or sippin’ champagne with your love bug – you tap your foot, you bop your head, you snap your fingers, you do whatever dance you do. That’s all part of the Hardcastle Effect. If you know or have experienced it personally, you know you never get over it. You’re hooked for life. It’s magical, exotic, beautiful, smoother than butter, and compelling. Paul Hardcastle has been the master creator of this groove going back too far for me to remember when I first became addicted.

Hardcastle could easily get away with having no lyrics to his music, but he’s always enhanced the beauty of his creations with the lilting, sexy vocals of Helen Rogers in the earlier years and now with his daughter Maxine, who’s featured on his cover of folk/soft rock artists America’s classic “Horse With No Name.” Hilariously, Maxine has asked her dad on numerous occasions: “What the hell is this song about?” Dad simply laughs and responds “Who cares? It sounds great.” And that it does, especially with her whispery vocals carrying it along.

Along with that cover, you get original groovesters like the infectious lead track “Amber Sky,” the hot & steamy “Turn Down the Heat” (reserve this one for that “special” night), the feel-good “Happy Go Lucky,” and on and on.

You also get Hardcastle Jr. and Rock Hendricks on “Jam On This.” Also included are a couple of bonus tracks from the History of Paul Hardcastle CD box set (both tracks reached #1 on Billboard and other charts).
So, continue with the drill and the never-ending groove from one who’s enjoyed 3 decades in this biz without disappointing. By the way, he mentions that Jazzmasters 8 and The Chill Lounge 4 are next in the pipeline. Make room wherever you store your best music. – Ronald Jackson