Joseph Patrick Moore – Nevada Sun

May 17, 2019

Not only is bassist Joseph Patrick Moore a powerful, most competent bassist who can really lay that bottom down and loves to live in the land of the low frequency, he presents himself here on his latest release, Nevada Sun, as a one-man band, playing all of the instruments with no guest appearances by any artists whatsoever. Lots of artists are going this route today, but it’s the full-bodied, rich groove offered by Moore that’s really ear-catching.

Not fooling around with lead-in interludes of any kind, the bassist simply lights into this project with fire and grit and an awesome sense of confidence and swag, starting with the slammin’ title and lead track which quickly puts his thick bass skills on full display, follows that with the stompin’ and heavy “Movement of Light,” followed by an interesting touch of World music flair with “Iraqi Peace Song” complete with a Middle Eastern feel and chants (still moving in that up-tempo funky vein, however). Returning to the funk foundation he’s laid so well here, he offers a driving cover of Röyksopp’s “Remind Me” (you know the song from the GEICO caveman commercial, I’m sure) before slipping into a more sedate “Issa” which has a World feel , as well.

The track “Fearless” has that infectious reggae vibe built in that keeps listeners movin’ and groovin’ to that delicious island flavor while losing nothing by way of funk. We then travel to “Bohemia After Dark” in a mid-tempo worldly trek (mind you, this is all coming from the hands and mind of one who’s doing this all himself with his creativity as his guide).

A couple of tracks later, we’re treated to a mid-tempo number where he’s employing the vocoder to complement the funk on “Happy Girl.”

The bassman wraps this all up with a solemn, slow, soulful track simply called “Spiritual,” a tune in which you can easily wrap yourself and let the peace wave do its thing.

This is all very masterfully done by one who not only knows his instrument and his music but where he wants to take it – and you. Experience this one for you. You shouldn’t be disappointed at all. – Ronald Jackson