Dee Brown – Remembering You

July 13, 2018

It’s wonderful seeing guitarist dee Brown back on the scene again with his new release Remembering You, a cool dee Brown-style, adept, and jazzy project dedicated to the memory of his fiancée gospel singer Shaunia Edwards who passed away two years ago from an unexpected illness just as the loving pair was preparing for a summer wedding. Our sincere condolences are with Brown and his fiancée’s family.

Ordinarily, one might expect a somber, poignant recording in the wake of this sad news, but, as Brown says, “Shaunia was the reality of my dreams, a woman heaven sent to make me whole. Remembering You celebrates her life and our life together. It’s purposely an upbeat celebration, not a mourning. The meaning that I derived from this experience and a message I think everyone can relate to is that we should exalt those in our lives as well as remember those who are no longer in our lives for whatever reason.” A very inspiring perspective indeed.

The album is definitely an upbeat celebration of c-jazz as the head-boppin’ melodies come at you seamlessly and constantly, all with that feathery dee Brown touch. He receives a helping hand on certain tracks by keyboardists/programmers Nate Harasim and Bob Baldwin, flutist Althea Rene, and others.

Tracks of note are the catchy lead track “I Want You Too,” the bouncy “Hey Baby” featuring Edwards posthumously on a brief intro, the dancing and happy “Pop the Question,” the smooth, strutting, and high-steppin’ “Our Summer,” the snappy, feel-good “I Will,” the get-atcha groove “So Much,” and others.

In the midst of this great celebration, there is track 7’s “Follow You” that struck me as pretty poignant and gave me a moment to reflect on the gravity of losing someone near and dear in this way. It’s a beautiful, very melodic track — not dark at all but, instead, bright in its message of dedication. A similar feel can be found in the mid-tempo “Beauty Within” and in the closing and title track.

Yes, an album that I’m sure Shaunia would appreciate with all the love and meticulous care offered here in its delivery. A treasure to enjoy. – Ronald Jackson