Bickley Rivera – Positive Vibez

June 10, 2016

Bickley Rivera, the comely queen of delicious steelpan reggae, chill, and jazz, offers here some truly exotic island music delicaciesBickley Rivera CD as she returns with your ticket to ride on a quality, colorful journey to whatever you imagine as your carefree getaway. The “ticket” is her latest and 3rd release Positive Vibez, a project thick with melody, rich vocal harmonies, and an abundance of just feel-good grooves, calling to your vulnerable attraction to the beauty of this music. Caution: You really shouldn’t listen to this one while at work lest you bolt for the nearest airport, ship port, or coastal highway in an attempt to simply vanish into the comfy, cushiony land that Rivera so vividly paints.

The album features special guest appearances by island guitarists Ivan Bertie (St. Kitts) and Floyd Lewis (Grenada) and rapper B-Xtreme (Trinidad). Members of Rivera’s band include Rivera on steelpan, keys, and vocals; Nelson Rivera (hailing from Puerto Rico) on vocals, percussion, bass; and Joey Caamano (Dominican Republic) on vocals and guitar.

From the lead track “What If” — which sexily sashays in with a big smile – to the finale “Fly Away,” you are pleasantly and powerfully tempted to melt into this sonic paradise and the seductive nature of it all. The cozy Caribbean vibe is not only dominant throughout this recording, it washes over you like an unavoidable wave, leaving a hearts-and-butterflies message of musical beauty, love, and peace to envelope your soul.

Adding to the overall beauty of the album’s 10 self-penned originals, Rivera also offers a smart interpretation of iconic rock group Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” I’m sure the group not only appreciates the honorable nod to its music but has to be impressed with this iteration of one of its classics. Bickley Rivera just being Bickley Rivera. The other cover is a handsome version of reggae vocalist Dawn Penn’s bluesy reggae classic “You Don’t Love Me (No No No).”

This is the album you want on any island vacation to set that delightful mood for your entire stay. It comes packed with its own sunshine and tropical caress. Just grab a seat on the beach or in a cabana, and let this one work its enticing magic. – Ronald Jackson