Patrick Bradley — Intangible

Aug. 18, 2017

And here we go on a ride of musical excellence in the form of great fusion, funk, and snappy smooth jazz brought to you by the gifted fingers of Patrick Bradley, an artist who just keeps delivering quality on each and every one of his releases. Intangible is the latest gift from the keyboardist/composer. The heat starts quickly; so, brace yourself, and let the groove take over.

Again working with keys giant/producer and co-writer of this strong project, Jeff Lorber, Bradley adds even more flair with guitarists Paul Jackson Jr. and Adam Hawley, bassist Jimmy Haslip, hornman David Mann, guitarist Michael Thompson, trumpeter Andrew Carney, and drummer Gary Novak. Yes, the talent is top-tier and wired for that Bradley vibe.

Displaying his inimitable finesse and dexterity, Bradley works here with solid purpose and vision, delivering chops and rhythm guaranteed to ignite that steady spark in you.

Leading off with the sassy funk-laden “Dear Friend” and effortlessly steppin’ confidently right through on tracks like the driving “Funky Greens,” the infectious “Tailwind” (which clearly bears the markings of that Lorber pen stroke) and the tell-tale presence of Jackson’s guitar riffs, the in-the-pocket groovester “On Tap,” featuring some tight -n’-right horn arrangements by Mann and solid lead guitar work from Thompson, and the poppin’, finger-snappin’ title track, among others, this album’s superior quality is totally unquestioned.

It’s so easy to go on and on about each track listing here (the down n’ dirty, kinda slinky funk of “Find the Way” would be another), but suffice it to say that the fusion/funk master is again in his element.

To add to the attractiveness of this project, Bradley gives a short written narrative for each track — the motivation behind its creation. Always a plus for inquisitive minds like mine.

If you’re a jazz fusion/funk fan – and certainly if you’re a Bradley and/or Lorber fan –, you’re gonna absolutely love this work. The album’s title could also speak for that component, that element of satisfaction in his music that simply is. That one it that makes this stuff rock. In my humble opinion, this is what “getting it right” is all about. Another can’t-miss effort by Bradley. – Ronald Jackson